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Working together we are able to produce a cost effective film from script to screen. Perhaps you want to produce a short news item to highlight local news or views on strong local issues ie strongly opposed planning applications for unwanted buildings or roads or to highlight the success of a local regeneration project in the area or perhaps you would like to make a historical documentary or special interest video involving a local/national group or society. This can then be uploaded onto the internet to capture a local and worldwide audience, and in the longer term, mature into an intriguing historical record of today to be viewed by generations in the future. The production can also be produced as a commercial profit making DVD (Special Interest Video) which could cover your production costs.


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I can recommend North Wales Wedding Videos Service AAAAA+++++. David filmed my wedding and my daughters baptism at Peckforton Castle and the film is amazing! Vanessa Ann Brimelow 2009

Vanessa & Jason, Peckforton Castle, Beeston, Cheshire

May 15, 2015