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Corporate Videos Why You Need Them?

Creating YouTube video productions is no longer considered a hobby for young people. It has become an important part of any business in the corporate world. YouTube is not only one of the most visited websites and search engine’s of the last decade, it has become a powerful social network for anyone interested in entertainment, education, music and every possible subject or product you can think of,  it has become one of the leading tools to showcase and demonstrate products. If your video is popular and does not include copyright issues – you can also monetise your videos (that could cover video production costs). Some Individuals who produce How To videos are now making a fulltime salary from youtube advertising alone.

Many businesses are now also producing corporate videos for their website home page making it easier for consumers to absorb information and learn more quickly .

Types of Corporate Video Productions

Here are some of the various types of corporate videos that can help explain your business:

Company Profile Video Production

One of the best ways to explain your business to your potential customers is through a profile video production. It can include messages from the Business Executive, or other important staff members who are experts in their product or service. This type of corporate video production creates an instant engagement with people within or beyond the business target market. By including images from inside the business, and providing a brief  history along with the mission statement of the company, this type of corporate video production can quickly provide customers with key information of the company’s part in the market.

Broadcast Commercial Video Production

This is the most expensive type of  video production but this type of video production can achieve the best return on your investment if repeated and shown at peak viewing times. However this method should only be used when a company’s budget can achieve the repetition on the most popular channels to achieve success and return.

Online Commercial Production

An Online commercial production is different to a broadcast commercial video as it is not restricted by a 30 to 60 second time restriction and it does not require a huge advertising budget. An Online commercial has a much lower budget requirement, which is mainly for video production costs. They simply rely on good storytelling which is the important key to making it viral. If you are able to present your product with a humorous or quirky video you can attract a huge audience quite quickly. But caution is required to ensure your business is not linked to controversial issues or might cause offense to anyone. This type of video has become very popular with medium and small businesses.

Industrial Video Production

Aimed at audiences within a specific industry, an industrial video is designed to be informative about products, services and industry trends. It can be used for attracting investors involved or new and for business to business marketing, particularly at trade shows.

Promotional Video Production

This type of video production is similar to Online-Video-Commercials but they are specifically produced to also be distributed through DVDs and included in other marketing packs or social media

Customer Testimonial Video

One of the best ways to connect with customers is through customer product reviews and testing. This has become an important marketing tool as customers can get information quickly with the reassurance from previous customers on whether the product proves its reliability and purpose.

Internal Communication Video

An internal video is focused at its staff, vendors or clients. It is an effective way to explain a company policy or other internal information such as safety or conduct.

Staff Training Video Production

Staff Training Videos can save staff time and training budgets. The power of the visual medium allows staff to watch the video allowing them to return to it until they have understood it. It’s an excellent way to clarify “how to” steps. Quality training videos that use clear communication can cut down on training expenses since they eliminate the need for having to repeatedly book training venues and training instructors

Talent Recruitment Video

Designed to promote your company as a good employer to attract skilled workers, recruitment videos can help HR departments target specific markets for recruiting the most appropriate talent. These can be linked with classified ads on employment websites.

Event Documentation Video

It is a benefit for your company to showcase your achievements and milestones. This evidence maintains a constant link with your customers and subscribers’ and attract new customers. These are shown through social media and the company’s website. It is also a great way to build an archive of the company’s history.

Conferences and Seminars Event Production Video

Similar to event videos, conference or seminar videos allow customers to watch your company presentations at home. As these are not produced for television broadcast there are no time constraints. You are therefore free to offer content depth that cannot be found elsewhere.

Creative Alternatives :

There are many ways to get creative with corporate video production that attracts attention. Using animation is one way to stand out since most companies do not use this idea due to the fact that it can be expensive. Sometimes using a series of graphics can be just as eye catching and artistic. Another idea that is not overdone is hiring a jingle writer or songwriter to devise a theme for your business and set it to a slide show that promotes your brand and products.

Types of corporate videos

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